TECH:SQUAD can devise, advise and
deliver your event or installation

TECH:SQUAD offers Digital Consultation
options for artists, museums and businesses

TECH:SQUAD have the creative spark to help you develop your digital project or idea. From interactive workshops exploring digital technologies such as augmented reality, virtual reality or creative projection techniques.  We can assist through to the contracting of artists and technicians, installation setup and documentation. Look through our Digital Development case studies to spark the creativity. 


Our in-house team of digital artists and designers
bring a wealth of experience in the following fields:   

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) presents new exciting possibilities for us to interact with the world around us through APPS, websites and wearable technology.
AR content can include overlays of video, animation, sound, 3D objects, text and interactive elements to create immersive experiences. AR has been used extensively in marketing campaigns, retail stores, gaming and art installations.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality continues to rise in popularity with continuous devices being released from Oculus, Samsung, Sony PS4 and HTC.
VR creates an immersive 360 experiences for the user, where they can explore locations and situations only limited by the imagination of the designers. Primarily developed for computer games, the VR movement has expanded into the education, art, 360 film making, marketing and health sectors.

Interactive Design 

including Web and APP Development
Audiences have grown to expect more from their content with the rise of smart phones & tablets, websites and touchscreens. Interactive design moves away from the passive screen based experience of the past and into a new realm of creative opportunities. Learn how you can incorporate a range of devices including microcomputers, beacons, GPS, motion tracking, touchscreens, APPs and more.

3D Scanning & Printing

3D Scanning & Printing has previously been an expensive and lengthy process, but new technology and improvements in computer processing has brought it into the mainstream.
3D Scanning allows for the creation of photo realistic models of objects of varying size and material. These digital models can be incorporated into websites, games, APPS, virtual reality, augmented reality or shared via social media. 3D Printing is the process of replicating a digital model into a solid state. Printing is available in various materials including plastic, metal and chocolate. The 3D printing scene continues to develop beyond product design and into the areas of health, arts, museums interruption, education.


Click; Connect; Curate; Create;

Client: Leicestershire County Council
Funded by Arts Council England
CCCC (Click; Connect; Curate; Create;) was a 2-year project exploring how Leicestershire County Council could use digital technologies to increase engagement with museum collections.

TECH:SQUAD were commissioned to undertake research and development around low-cost 3D scanning options for museums. Working closely with museum staff at the Collection Resources Centre, TECH:SQUAD developed a streamlined process to create high detailed 3D models of collection items including ancient pots, toys, natural history, and fashion.

TECH:SQUAD further researched the long term potential of using 3D scans to research new audiences and strengthen current engagement. Staff and public explored the collections through virtual reality, augmented reality, social media and 3D printing.

The legacy of the project included the training of museum staff to undertake scanning internally as part of their ongoing digitisation programme.